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As a healthcare professional you want to provide the best possible care for your clients.

Hormel Health Labs is here to help. Our healthcare solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of clients with dysphagia, malnutrition as well as other special nutritional requirements.

Get free information to share with your clients.

Simply complete the form below and indicate which brochures you would like to receive. The Product Guide for Healthcare Professionals provides the healthcare professional a complete listing of all Hormel Health Labs products. The Product Guide for Consumers has a complete listing of Hormel Health Labs products for purchase on homecarenutrition.com and provides a discount code for 10% off the first purchase. Both the Dysphagia and Malnutrition brochure offers information on the condition and Hormel Health Labs products that can assist in addressing these conditions

Give your clients the convenience of purchasing our nutritional products.

Now your clients can order nutritional products in select Walgreens store locations or at HomeCareNutrition.com or Walgreens.com.

So let us help you give your
clients the care they deserve.

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